Channing Tatum’s Emo Hairstyle Is Bumming Out The Golden Globes

Last we saw of Channing Tatum, he was channeling his inner Beyoncé with long blond hair. On Sunday night (Jan. 10), at the Golden Globes, his hair was also at the center of conversation, but for a different reason—he was sporting a Justin Bieber-esque side swoop.

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His hair was parted deep—like, so deep—allowing his newly long hair flop over the rest.

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Keeping the new ’do in check seemed to require more ~werk~ than his typically lowkey styles do—welcome to the world of constant bang upkeep, Channing, bb.

Obviously, Twitter had a few thoughts on the new look, noticing that it looks very reminiscent of hair that was alllll over MySpace in the 2000s. Y’know, emo hair.