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17 Dylan O'Brien GIFs That'll Make You Understand True Love

Good luck quenching this thirst.

When "Teen Wolf" first blessed our TV screens the world became blessed with the knowledge that Dylan O'Brien existed. His character, Stiles, stole our hearts with his charm and wit and overall "boy next door" appeal and before we knew it, we were hopelessly hooked.

I'm sure you all understand that feel when your admiration of Stiles, the character, morphed into a full-blown unquenchable thirst for Dylan O'Brien, the person, and so I'll spare you the walkthrough of that whole ordeal. Instead here's 17 Dylan O'Brien GIF'd moments that'll make you believe in a higher being.

  1. Anytime he wore a backwards baseball hat and you were like yup, I'm into that.
  2. And whenever he busted out into unwarranted bouts of dancing...
  3. ...and everything was one with the universe.
  4. When he winks dead at the camera and you feel your heart skip a beat for the tiniest of seconds.
  5. Or when you realize that you've never truly appreciated a beanie the way you ought to.
  6. Oh my, there he goes ~winking~ again...
  7. ...and awkwardly dancing!
  8. When you bear witness to moments like this and you think, I too am an awkward turtle, 'tis fate.
  9. When he shovels down fries and you think to yourself, I've never seen such an uncouth act seem so graceful.
  10. Anytime you catch glimpse of his scruffy form and you thank the powers that be for the gift of sight.


  11. Alright, but tell me why can't I get enough of the awkward dancing?
  12. And just seeing this GIF begs the question, is your thirst being quenched right now?
  13. Whenever he flashes that mischievous grin and you find yourself momentarily speechless.
  14. This GIF has no explanation and honestly do you even need one?
  15. When you're face-to-face with his angelic, cherub-like features and all is at peace.
  16. Any blessed moment you spy his interactions with T-Pose and your heart grows three sizes.
  17. When you fully agree 100% that he might not actually be perfect, but he is to you and that's all that matters in the end.