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Internet, Meet Kirby Jenner, Kendall Jenner's Fraternal Twin Brother

Move over, Poot Lovato. There's a new hidden celeb twin in town.

This post has been updated to include Kirby Jenner's comment on the subject.

In 2015, we learned Demi Lovato had a secret twin sister named Poot. Of course, this entire story is just a hilarious fabrication, started by Tumblr user cstcrpt. The internet exploded with memes of Poot, much to Demi's chagrin.

Now, it appears like another celebrity has been keeping a (fake) sibling from the public eye. Fashion icon Kendall Jenner seems to have a fraternal twin named Kirby Jenner, whom she keeps cropping out of her photos.

OK, not exactly. There is a Kirby Jenner, sort of. He's on Instagram and Tumblr, describing himself as "Amatuer Model / Lover of all things / Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner." Well, can't argue with that, I guess.

Kirby photoshops himself into pictures with his "sister," and the results are surprisingly hilarious. What makes these images really stand out are the whimsical captions that are big supporters of hashtags. (For the sake of length and eye strain, we're leaving off most of the hashtags on the photos' captions. They were too precious for this world.)

  • For starters, their joint birthdays are well-documented, thanks to Kirby, of course.

    "#TB to cheesin hard with sis on our 17th bday! can't believe how young we look LOL TIME FLIES ?."

    Time flies, indeed. It's obvious who the favorite twin in the family is, since only Kendall's name and face are on the cake.

  • Like Kendall, Kirby parties it up with Justin Bieber — and isn't sorry about it.

    "Waiting 30 min after eating to swim. Damn @MarkWahlberg is a good cook smh!!! Love ya Mark @justinbieber and @kendalljenner!"

    The Biebs, Kendall and Kirby look totally chillaxed, getting their tan on.

  • The twins are also thrill seekers, even though both look like they're in pain.

    "Up in the spot lookin extra fly! Before the day i die, I'ma touch the sky! Lol jk. The ride hadn't even started yet."

    K² were joined by another K² (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West), so I guess that makes this photo K to the power of 4, for all the math people out there.

  • K² are the very definition of "art."

    "So pumped to do this photo shoot because they shot it in black n white which is old-timey AF. Back to basics."

    Black and white? Color? They can work either, and work 'em flawlessly.

  • The twins both rocked heart-shaped hair.

    "Brother/ sister static electricity is crazy, y’all! Sad they cut me out but s/o to Kendall's crew for making her look so flawless!"

    With a little under 3k likes on this photo, it doesn't seem like Kirby is off to a great start on getting the most-liked pic on Instagram, like his sis Kendall.

  • And lastly, the twins are no stranger to beach days.

    "Felt like Leo in 'Titanic'! The part where he drowned tho :/ still was a pretty chill beach day!"

    Thankfully, Kirby didn't die like Leo, and now that he's out in the public eye, we can't wait to see what more shenanigans Kirby Jenner has up his sleeve.

You've gotta hand it to Kirby, he's one helluva photoshopper! We look forward to all the future photos of K² that 2016 will hopefully bring. When MTV News asked for comment, Kirby responded with this. We don't really know what to make of it, so we'll leave it up to you.

"Anytime I've got a model gig coming up, I make sure to go for a really long drive and I just think about the world. Sad parts of the world AND happy parts of the world. Kinda sappy, but that's just who I am. That's the real Kirby.

Haters think I photoshop my pics, but I don't know anything about Photoshop! My computer got wet at Anne Hathaway's pool party and I never even got a new one. But all the photographers I work with tell me that I was blessed with smooth, alabaster skin haha. Blessed for sure."


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