Rashida Jones Made A Music Video About How Much She Misses The ’90s

'Flip And Rewind' is a collaboration with Boss Selection, aka Sunny Levine.

As far as I can tell (and based on her IMDb page), Rashida Jones has never appeared on “Portlandia,” a show devoted to, among those others, keeping the dream of the ’90s alive. But maybe she should consider a guest spot because, like, she’s all about that decade, man. She misses it. Hard.

We know this because Rashida recently popped up on a song called “Flip And Rewind” by Boss Selection, the moniker of her music-making nephew Sunny Levine. The video for the track premiered just a few days ago and it features Rashida sporting a wide variety of ’90s-inspired looks, including the ever-classic backwards Kangol cap…

Rashida Jones/Will Mccormack

…the scrunchie-assisted curls with big hoop earrings…

Rashida Jones/Will Mccormack

…and the badass bandana badass (just to name a few).

Rashida Jones/Will Mccormack

Rashida co-directed the video with her writing partner Will McCormack, with whom she’s working on a script for “Toy Story 4,” by the way, which is really cool.

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