This Netflix Hack Will Open Up Movie Portals You Didn't Know Existed

A quick URL search unveil thousands of hidden movie categories, all for your viewing pleasure.

Picture this: a Friday night on the couch, lazily browsing through the suggested Netflix titles for a few minutes. Then for a bit longer. Then for too long until you realize that instead of picking a movie, you spent two hours dismissing potential movies to watch because thinking what if I find something better?! basically led you into a ditch.

And then you realize you never want to watch a movie again because movies are dumb and who even makes them and why does Netflix not have what you want and why does life equal pain at every turn?

But it doesn't have to be like this, friends. It could all be so simple. All you have to do is hack Netflix.

No, there's no special tech knowledge required, Gizmodo points out. In fact, this is less of a "hack" and more of a "cool way into something that's already there" -- OK, so it's a hack.

Here's what you do. Go to the Netflix website and choose a genre. Any genre, really, like "Independent Dramas," which opens up a category portal like this...

...and gives you a URL that looks like this: If you start playing around with those numbers at the end of the URL, however, you can access some unlisted but very fun movie categories -- like "Courtroom Comedies" (599), "German-Language Movies From The 1970s" (1290) and "Irreverent Gay & Lesbian Movies" (971).

Not every code works, but play around for a bit and you just might find exactly what you're looking for. Or you'll find just another time-wasting feature on a streaming service that can literally show you years' worth of visual entertainment. Either way, you'll find something!