'Teen Mom OG' Conflict: Should Maci Have Allowed Ryan To Have More Time With Bentley?

The young parents feuded over the subject during this week's episode.

Maci and Ryan have always tried to put aside their personal differences with the hopes that they could effectively communicate about their son Bentley's schedule -- but the parents hit yet another snag during this week's "Teen Mom OG" episode. The root of the co-parenting issue: The first grader spent half of the weekend at his pal's house during his dad's mandated Friday-Sunday visit -- and the mother of two shot down Ryan's request to have Bentley remain an additional night to make up for it. So should Maci have allowed Ryan to keep Bentley for a longer stay -- or was it best for her to stick to their previously agreed-upon routine?

Before diving into the aforementioned questions, a brief recap of what unfolded: The young dad was visibly perturbed before Maci was due to arrive at his parents' house to get Bentley (a brief "no" and a simple "because" when he inquired were part of the texting exchange about their boy's plans) -- and got some advice from his mother Jen.

"If you're losing your time with him because he's going to do other things, there's gotta be a way to work out different days," Mimi wisely told her son, before adding that he and Maci needed to discuss this face-to-face and not over the phone.

"It irritates me that she thinks I can't do first grade homework or take him to school," Ryan stressed.

The former couple did not speak during the pick-up (the tension could have been cut with a knife) -- but when Maci returned home, she opened up about the incident with Taylor.

"He is a seven-year-old boy, he's gonna have sleepovers," she stated. "Parents have to give up time so that their kids can hang out with their friends."

Maci eventually agreed to let Ryan pick up Bentley from school -- but the task at hand did not go smoothly (as seen above). Specifically, Ryan was late getting Bentley and then decided to run errands before dropping him off at Maci's way past the intended time. When Ryan tried to initiate a conversation about the entire aforementioned ordeal, the pair immediately began bickering (he called her "rude," while she insisted he was "ugly" during the prior text exchange.)

As Bentley grows older, Maci and Ryan are finding themselves facing new obstacles as they both try to work together to raise their son -- and this incident is a perfect example of this very fact. So should Maci have tweaked Bentley's agenda so that he could have had a longer stretch with his dad? Or was it best to keep Bentley in a routine -- which clearly dictates that he should be at his mother's house on Sunday through Thursday evening? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching "Teen Mom OG" on Mondays at 10/9c.