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These Are What Kylie Jenner Considers 'Natural' Nails

Same. JK.

Kylie Jenner's beauty ~look~ has a number signature elements—matte lips courtesy of her Lip Kit, fresh skin, and, of course, long nails. Well, it seems like new year, new Kylie—she's retired her klaws.

On Snapchat, Kylie shared a photo of her and her crew's nails, and described them as "natural." While they are definitely shorter, um, the colors are definitely far from natural. Like, if your nails are naturally powder blue, Jordyn, please go see a doctor. Now.

On Instagram, Kylie shared a solo photo of her nails, writing, "back to the roots." Once again, I'd like to reiterate, though these nails look great, Kylie, they are far from your roots—if your nails are that pink under the polish, you may have a Vitamin B deficiency or something.

While it seems likely that Kylie will return to long nails soon—she just had an entire post dedicated to them on her app—she's undoubtedly having an easier time accomplishing daily tasks with her "natural" nails. Enjoy it, bb.