Iggy Azalea Has A Plan To Avoid Falling Off Stage Again

A harness will be useful.

Iggy Azalea usually tries to stay graceful onstage, even if she's rapping vigorously. But every one has an off day when things just don't go right.

That's what happened to Iggy at a pre-VMA party in 2014, when she took a spill while performing "Fancy."

Iggy was able to make fun of the situation -- and hey, she kept rapping after her fall, so she still owned the moment -- and now, as she's preparing her comeback, she has a plan to avoid falling hard on the ground.

The Australian entertainer has been prepping fans for her upcoming album and subsequent shows, and when it comes time to tour her new material, she'll be ready for another slip:

"I think my new show is gonna have no stairs and im gonna wear a harness so if i fall off stage again ill just fly," she wrote on Friday (Jan. 8).

It's a good thing Azalea is getting a head start on the tour planning. Last year, she canceled her tour because she didn't have enough time to prepare.

Her third major-label album will be called Digital Distortion, which fiance Nick Young says is "the best album of 2016."