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This Little Girl Looks Like An Old Man And We Don't Know How To Deal

Apparently, makeup adds 80 or so years to your face -- when you're 3 years-old.

In "Benjamin Button," heartthrob Brad Pitt lives a life in reverse: starting out as an old soul and regressing into infancy as he gets older. A truly one-of-a-kind situation -- until one little girl got the Button treatment with the help of a little concealer and blush.

Twitter user @srp_822 was applying some makeup to her face, when her 3 year-old niece asked if she could get made up, too. Instead of just applying mascara, her aunt went above and beyond and completely transformed her... into an old person.

Since posting, the tweet has gone insanely viral, garnering more than 51,000 favorites and 38,000 retweets in just three days.

No word on how the little girl is reacting to all this attention. MTV News would reach out for comment, but, like the regular elderly, she's probably taking a nap right now. ???

Look at the hauntingly hilarious set of pictures below.

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