Juicy J, Just Give Us That Damn Liam Payne Song Already

Is it real or nah?

Once upon a time, when One Direction was still five and all was right with the world, Liam Payne hopped in the studio with Juicy J.

They snapped a picture and shared it to Instagram, but other than Juicy's word, there's no proof that music was actually made. That's why, if a song was made, we need to hear it now, Juicy.

On Wednesday, Juicy teased that the song was coming. "You wanna hear it?" he asked on Snapchat. Well, duh, Juicy. That has to be rhetorical, Juicy. C'mon, Juicy.

On the Grammys red carpet in 2015, Juicy told us that he and Liam recorded a BUNCH.

"We did like seven records that night," Juicy told MTV News. "That guy is super talented."

Back in December he revived the conversation around the possible joint.

And even went so far to plead Payne to do another session with him.

Juicy is really into the idea of working with Liam. Let's hope the fruits of their labor see the light of day.