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11 Things Jennifer Lawrence Must Do At The Golden Globes

It's gonna be amazing!

Now that she's been nominated for her tour de force performance in David O. Russell's "Joy," Jennifer Lawrence is officially returning to the Golden Globes this year on Sunday, January 10. And of course, everybody will be watching to see what she does, because nobody brings more delight and realness to the red carpet than J-Law. Here's what we're expecting her to do:

  1. Jokingly put herself down because she's surrounded by all these other A-list actors.

    We love you, but your self-deprecation makes us so sad sometimes. You deserve to be there! You're a star! You're on top!

  2. Make an amazingly weird face.

    Jennifer's expressive face is what makes her such an amazing actress, but it also gives us plenty of nonsense expressions to gif out and cherish forever.

  3. Gush about Amy Schumer.

    This is her new favorite thing to do lately, and since her friend's movie "Trainwreck" is also nominated, she'll of course be ready to lose her mind over how great Amy is.

  4. Also maybe show up and take pictures together with Amy Schumer.

    It's gotta happen, right?

  5. Maybe even wear the same dress as Amy Schumer to the event!
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    How great would it be if they rolled up to the Golden Globes in matching outfits a la Destiny's Child?

  6. She's totally gonna invite Brie Larson to the squad, too.

    Does it count as a prediction if we totally know this is going to happen already because Brie Larson's talked about it? "I'm pretty sure we will play a game of musical chairs if we're not sitting together," she told E!. "Because at this point it's just it would be crazy...who am I gonna make jokes with?"

  7. Say something badass about feminism.

    Jennifer Lawrence has never been afraid to open up about any topic, but lately she's been going all in on her experience with the wage gap and her support of Planned Parenthood -- so it would be really great to see her speak out once again on a similar subject.

  8. Get drunk on free Golden Globes alcohol.

    It is indeed a time honored tradition, and J-Law'd better start preparing now. Drink lots of water, girl!

  9. Gloat over Meryl Streep when she inevitably wins for Best Actress.

    And Meryl isn't even nominated!

  10. Trip over herself.

    Let's be real, the red carpet is now padded for just this occurence.

  11. Finally, we hope that she almost trips over herself but instead walks it out like a champ.

    Nothing better than that feeling of correcting yourself mid-fall. J-Law might be successful, famous, and fun to be around, but her life won't be complete until she can feel it, too.