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Watch DJ Khaled Reveal Another Major Key To Success

Major key alert! ? ? ?

Thanks in large part to his catchy and motivational slogans, DJ Khaled's Snapchats have reached everyone from Justin Bieber to Kim Kardashian. Now, the MC is bringing some major keys to "The Daily Show."

The producer appeared on a segment of the program filmed in his huge shoe closet.

"The key to success is to keep your head above water," he told the show's Hasan Minhaj. "See, this the key. Knowing is better than learning. I know that's kind of weird. You might have to learn to know. But just know, when you know, it's better than learning."

Khaled's had a busy week. Anyone following him on Snapchat knows he's "up to something" of late. The Lonely Island recently appeared in several clips while Snoop Dogg (like Kim Kardashian before him) said he might just get his own Snapchat due to the producer's influence.

He's also planning another meeting with fans for Thursday, Jan. 7. The last time he gave them the address to his whereabouts, this happened: