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The Outfits Justin Bieber Wears To The Beach Are Inappropriate


If you follow Justin Bieber on Instagram, you've probably noticed that he's on vacation. He goes on vacation a lot—wouldn't you??—but this one is different. He woke up to the sound of the ocean, he took the time to make a meme, and he began doling out some sage fashion advice.

Accompanying this photo was the caption, "Be yourself even if people think you look silly chances are they just don't understand it." While Justin may have been espousing general life advice—you do you, etc.—the fact that he's wearing striped shorts, a star-covered hat, mismatched socks, and a graphic tee leads me to believe he's referring to his outfit.

Here's the thing, JB—I don't think your outfit is silly, as much as it is wildly uncomfortable to wear in a warm climate. Truthfully, most of your beach attire this trip has been questionable.

Here you are wearing long pants, not one, but two shirts, sneakers, and a suede/felted hat on the beach. Don't you get hot, dude?? Aren't you scared someone is gonna steal your swaggy hat from your clothing pile when you go in the ocean?? Don't you like the feeling of your feet in the sand??

Here, again, you are in jeans, two shirts, and a hat. What if the tide unexpectedly comes up, boo? Then your Vans will be wet and squishing around. That's not a memory you want from your vacay, y'know?

Perhaps the most perplexing look from your trip, though, Justin, was when you wore double denim on a boat. While your siblings and Hailey Baldwin look ready to enjoy the water at any moment, you're in a full outfit of a material that is straight up unbearable when wet.

Despite your potentially uncomfortable outfits, it looks like you had a great time, which is all that matters. Thanks for sharing the pics ?!!!