How Is 'Teen Wolf''s La Bête Connected To The Argents?

Beacon Hills has finally met its match, and this one is a real beast.

Hammer-wielding psychopath, what? La Bête is the real Beacon Hills bully, and everybody knows it. The sinister creature was found running rampant at the BH communications tower and nearly butchered Deputy Clark. And to think... we were concerned with lil ol' Theo threatening our "Teen Wolf" friends.

The evil chimera is now hellbent on joining packs with Scott to battle the old-as-dust Beast, who was resurrected by the Dread Doctors and is out to kill a lot of people. "We're going to go back to school and pretend that we're normal teenagers, but at night, we're going to be fighting for our lives," Theo said. So dramatic, Captain Obvious. Isn't that the whole point of "Teen Wolf"?

Moving on. Chris Argent is totes Team Scott and turned to his dying father, Gerard, for intel on the whole dire, DREADful situation — because the old man knows everything about everything. After feeding G-Poppy a few white flowers (WTF?), Gerard regained his strength and told Chris about La Bête's purpose way back when: "[It's] a monster who's only purpose was to kill. Not for sustenance. Not for revenge. Not for any rational impulse other than the drive to end life wherever it's found. It also has a rather personal connection to our family." Whaaaat?!

Okay. Now listen closely. Avid "Teen Wolf" fans may remember when we were first introduced to La Bête du Gévaudan (French for The Beast of Gévaudan) during Season 1. Allison (RIP) was working on a history project about her family and discovered that one of her ancestors — Marie-Jeanne Valet (to be played by THE Crystal Reed on an upcoming episode) — actually killed the beast back in the day. Mind-blowing, much? Now that the big, bad Beast is back, we have a feeling the Hellhound and La Bête are about to go head-to-head. (Maybe that's why Theo was after Parrish?)

But why? And why did the ancient Argent slaughter The Beast in the first place? You know the drill. Comment below, and tune in next Tuesday at 9/8c for more surprising details surrounding La Bête.