These 'Real World' Cast Members Went Big And Went Home

We're looking back at all of the roommates who left the long-running show early.

The majority of "Real World"'s diverse participants have stayed the course until the very end, but when the long-running hit series returns with a new twist for its 31st season, each new recruit's status in the house will be put to the test. More specifically, five words sum it up: Go big, or go home.

A bit of background explaining the premise: The seven newbies will be thrown into a series of challenging missions -- some for the entire group and some designed specifically for each individual -- and if they are unable to complete the task at hand, they will be told to leave and another roommate will take their place. Better strap on those life vests and get ready for some major shockers...

In honor of the upcoming adventurous, Las Vegas-based installment -- which is set to premiere on March 17 -- we're honoring each and every roommate from the storied franchise who said toodaloo before their scheduled departure date. From homesickness to evictions, these folks just could not "get real" -- and in the words of *NSYNC, said "bye, bye, bye" to the cameras.

Take a look at the unique gang below, share your favorite memories about the casties in the comments and be sure to catch the premiere of "Real World: Go Big Or Go Home" on Thursday, March 17 at 10/9c!

  • David from "Real World: Los Angeles"

    The stand-up comedian cemented himself in "RW" history as the very first cast member to leave the long-running series -- following a physical altercation with Tami.

  • Irene from "Real World: Los Angeles"

    The compassionate and "mom"-like figure departed the City of Angels for a happy reason: She tied the knot and embarked on married life with her husband Tim.

  • Puck from "Real World: San Francisco"

    The man who stuck his fingers in a peanut butter jar was told by his roommates (over the phone, no less) that he would need to exit their Lombard Street digs.

  • Melissa from "Real World: Miami"

    Even though the clip above isn't from her last day (it wasn't all that eventful anyways), it's far more entertaining. Yup, it's the showdown with Dan over that know, the one that wasn't hers to open.

  • Irene from "Real World: Seattle"

    The last image of the New Yorker saying goodbye to Pier 70 was an unfortunate and disturbing one: Fellow roommate Stephen ran after her vehicle, opened the car door, and now the incident is widely regarded as “the slap heard 'round the world.”

  • Justin from "Real World: Hawaii"

    The then-Harvard Law student didn't exactly gel with his Hawaiian housemates -- and decided to depart paradise after receiving tough family news (specifically, his great aunt was dying of cancer).

  • Frankie from "Real World: San Diego"

    The punk rocker and Hello Kitty fan just couldn't find happiness in SoCal -- so she opted to bid adieu to everyone on Halloween (in costume, obviously).

  • Shauvon from "Real World: Sydney"

    The Californian's on-again off-again boyfriend David gave her quite the ultimatum while she was living it up in Darling Harbour: Stay in Oz and not be together, or come home and reunite. Ultimately, she chose the latter -- and tearfully declared that the one-time strangers had a "piece of her heart."

  • Trisha from "Real World: Sydney"

    The devout Catholic clashed with Parisa all season long -- but their disagreements hit a boiling point after Trisha shoved her fellow Aussie transplant on to the floor. Ultimately, it was Parisa's decision whether or not Trisha could continue on with the experience, and she opted to send the then-teen packing. The kicker: Parisa telling Trisha to "enjoy your flight."

  • Greg from "Real World: Hollywood"

    The aspiring model didn't care for the gang's gig at the Improv Club -- and when he was fired from his position (tardiness and absences were to blame), he had to leave Tinseltown as well (house rules stated that if their employer let them go, they had to jet too).

  • Joey from "Real World: Hollywood"

    The Chicago native opened up to his peers and explained his lifelong struggle with addiction -- and revealed his decision to move home to get help for his lingering issues.

  • Joey from "Real World: Cancun"

    The tatted musician missed a series of shifts at StudentCity -- and he paid the ultimate price for his poor work ethic. Joey did return before the series ended -- and wound up sleeping with his one-time enemy Ayiiia.

  • Erika from "Real World: DC"

    The then-21-year-old flip-flopped all season long about staying in the nation's capital -- and ultimately decided it was time for her to go (right before the season ended).

  • Ryan from "Real World: New Orleans"

    After a unanimous vote, the hair dryer enthusiast (who was NOT popular with the crew) was asked to leave NOLA for a whole bunch of reasons (in short, he was messy, inconsiderate and attended a drug abuse class with a beer in his hand).

  • Adam from "Real World: Las Vegas"

    The New Englander was warned multiple times about his drunken and belligerent behavior -- but after strike three, he was kicked out of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for good.

  • Brandon from "Real World: St. Thomas"

    The Bostonian stated he had been clean for several months -- but he then failed a drug test and tested positive for cocaine. He was later told by producers that he would "no longer have the opportunity to live here."

  • Joi from "Real World: Portland"

    The Playboy playmate wasn't really interested in the job prospects in Oregon, so she decided to return home very early on during the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, she later revealed at the reunion that her main motivation to get out of dodge wasn't actually about working: Her boyfriend had undergone surgery — and she wanted to be with him while he recovered.

  • Ashley from "Real World: Ex-Plosion"

    After several crying fits and drunken outbursts, the San Fran gal asked everyone if they wanted her to stay or go (you can guess what they said based on this story).

  • Lauren from "Real World: Ex-Plosion"

    Cory's former girlfriend opted to go back home after learning that she was pregnant.

  • Hailey from "Real World: Ex-Plosion"

    Thomas had voiced his desire for his first love to not be with him in the Golden Gate City -- and following a belligerent outburst, Hailey got the heck out of dodge and went back to her Texas roots.