'MTV2's Joking Off' Gives You The Perfect Captions For Your Horse Butt Pictures

On this week's episode of "Joking Off," jokesters invent headlines for naughty pics

On this week's (January 6) episode of "MTV2's Joking Off," jokesters first played a game called "In Your Feed," in which a picture flashed on the screen and teams had to come up with news-y headlines for the image. As usual, their brilliant minds at work, teams #StepDadBods, #OprahsKids and #Fratchet came up with some very apt descriptions. Take this picture of a mother and a daughter checking out a horse's butt:

Headlines included:

- 7 Places To Hide The Weed

- 6 Pictures That Explain Why Lindsay Lohan Is So F--ked Up

- 6 Southern ATMs

- 5 Places You Could Put Your Opinion

Meanwhile, headlines for a photo of women touching each other's butts in the pool included:

- Quiz: Do You Enjoy Your Time Away From Your Kids A Little Too Much?

- 7 Pools You Might Catch An STD In

- 10 Ways To Swim Without Getting Your Hair Wet

Watch players discuss their best and worst moves below, and be sure to tune into "MTV2's Joking Off," Wednesdays at 11:30/10:30c.