These 4 Queer Women Have A Lot Of Questions About Straight Sex

They openly question the kind of sex straight women have.

An undeniable truth in this modern world we live in is that being a straight person is considered "default" and everything else in that beautiful spectrum we call sexuality ... well ... isn't.

Although frank discussions on sexuality means our ideas of "normal" are changing for the better, it still leaves a lot of room for society's current assumptions. For instance: that all people know everything about how straight people have sex. (Queer people certainly don't.)

With that in mind, Mashable assembled a panel of four queer women and had them speculate wildly about straight sex, since most of the time queer folk are fielding questions about how we ~do it~ with each other.

"Queer women rarely get to ask straight people how they have sex. It's taken for granted that everyone knows how to do it and what it is," Heather Dockray says on Mashable about the video. "We're all supposed to be fluent in heterosexuality, regardless of our native tongue."

Ain't that the truth. ?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

Watch the full video below. (There’s quite a bit of NSFW language in there, just FYI.)