Grandmas Gone Wild: This 'Greatest Party Story Ever' Might Give You Shell Shock

Watch the hilarious sneak peek for MTV's upcoming show!

Getting ready for midterms can be a major drag, but one college student's study session was truly unbelievable — thanks to his friend’s grandmother.

In a special sneak peek from MTV's upcoming "Greatest Party Story Ever" -- which will feature a bunch of real-life folks disclosing their most epic tales with animated depictions of the actual events -- the star of this story dishes about how a seemingly innocent trip to his pal's house (who lived with his grandparent) turned a wee bit naughty.

"When we walked in the kitchen, she had tequila and pineapple ready," the narrator explains in the video above. "And I look at Tracy and I'm like, 'Yo! Is we about to do this?!' And he was like, 'Yo, you know we about to take some shots!'" It's always those small (but plentiful) servings of booze that get you in the end...

But everything shifted when Tracy got a booty call (obvs) and left the house -- and, as the main man explains, "This is where things get interesting."

So what exactly went down? Well, since we can't do it justice by paraphrasing it, please watch the teaser to find out all of the humorous goodness -- and be sure to catch the premiere episode of "Greatest Party Story Ever" on Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!