Did Uncle Jesse And Aunt Becky Ever Date IRL?

Have mercy!

Onscreen, they were our favorite '90s TV couple -- young, hot, funny, and totally in love -- but apart from "Full House," were Lori Loughlin and John Stamos ever a thing?

Well, the verdict is sort of mixed on that one.

There's no denying that viewers loved Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse together, but in real life, they only kind of sort of dated -- if you call one kiss when the two were teenagers "dated," that is.

"He asked me to go to Disneyland to see a band," Loughlin explained in an interview with People. "We fight internally about that. I'm like, 'Was that a date?' He's like, 'Yeah!'"

"As I recall, we ended up kissing," Stamos clarified. "That sounds like a date, right?"

If you ask us, seems like bb John had a crush on bb Lori way back when, and she was like, thanks but no thanks (Stamos married model Rebecca Romijn in 1998, divorcing in 2005, and Loughlin has been married to her husband Mossimo Giannulli for eighteen years).

But it's okay! Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse were the perfect TV couple, and they'll exist that way in our hearts... forever.

See the duo return in the Netflix series "Fuller House," which drops Feb. 26.