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Overusing Emojis? Then You're Probably Pretty Horny

A new study shows the connection between emoji use and how much you think about sex.

Ahhh, emojis: the cutesy hieroglyphics of our generation. The all-encompassing symbols that say everything without actually having to link pesky words into coherent sentences. They’ve radically revolutionized the way we communicate with people, but even more so, they’ve done wonders for people’s sex lives. Where would we be without the winky face? Or the eggplant or peach, for that matter? Would anyone even get laid?!


Sure, there are those who think emoji use has gone too far, but for those loyalists who are #TeamEmoji for life, just know this: You’ve now been outed as sex-obsessed texters. That is, if you feel the need to season every single text with your precious emojis of choice.

A new survey conducted by polled 5,675 American singles between ages 18 to 70 and found that frequent emoji use suggests constant sexual thoughts. According to Medical Daily, 40% of people polled think about sex several times a day AND use more than one emoji in every text they send. Those who said they think about sex just once a month, on the other hand, were the group that used emojis the least.

But frequent emoji users don’t just think about sex more often; they’re actually having more sex as well. A similar study from last year found that, for both men and women, frequent emoji use suggested increased sexual activitiy, AND emoji lovers also reported going on more dates.

So the next time a girl or guy from Tinder sends you a barrage of emojis (or maybe Kimojis) instead of opting for the so-2015 “Netflix and chill,” you can probably assume they have sexy time on the brain. Bow chicka wow wow.