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How Two Young Women Turned Their Love Of Rihanna Into A Huge Website

These days, fans have unparalleled access to their faves (S/O to the internet). Between myriad social media platforms and paparazzi photos, it's easier than ever to know where Justin Bieber ate dinner last night, who he was with, what the table setting looked like, whether he had a soup or salad as an appetizer, if he finished his entree, etc.—it's not hard to feel like you were (basically) on a date with Justin Bieber.

Though all the information is available on the worldwide web, it's in pieces—fansites synthesize all of it for their loyal followers. As someone who writes about celebrities for a living, I'll readily admit I rely on fansites for their frequent updates and insanely detailed archives. When it comes to all things Rihanna, the first site I check every day is Rihanna Overdose—by the time I even realize Rihanna did something, the site is already updated with photos, videos, outfit IDs, and details only hardcore fans would know.

In order to comprehend what it's like the run one of the best Rihanna fansites out there, I spoke with the two co-founders, Shekyra and Kay.

MTV: Hi! Can you guys tell us a little about yourselves and how you got involved with Rihanna Overdose?

KAY: Sure! I've been a fan of Rihanna since 2005, but in the beginning it was, you know, light. I liked the music, this person is interesting—and then over the years, it just grew and grew. I think when Good Girl Gone Bad came out, I was obsessed at that point. There was no turning back from there.

I'm an artist and was teaching myself graphic design on the computer, and as I was making edits, I’d put them on Instagram and they became popular because Rihanna was following me. The more she would like my pictures, the more popular it grew. Kyra was doing the fashion on Instagram and I was editing photos and posting them on Instagram. I decided if we put those together on a website, it would be way better.

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MTV: How did you get in contact with one another? Have you ever met in real life?

KYRA: No, we've never actually met in real life! Initially, Kay and I ended up following each other on social media because we're both fans of Rihanna—we both have different strengths, as far as I do the fashion aspect and she’s more the visual and the person who does the media and video uploading and things of that nature. We both had our own talents and Kay had her own plan of branching out and being bigger than what she was, as far as her social media platforms were concerned, we put our talents together and we both have a really good work ethic, so the dynamic was already there from the beginning.

KAY: I just approached her one day and said, ‘I have this idea: if we combine what I do on my Instagram with what you do on yours, I think it’d be a really huge website instead of microblogging.’ She said yeah, I started the blog, and we went from there.

MTV: Got it. So, you've both been involved since Day One—when did you guys launch the site?

KAY: We started in January of 2013.

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MTV: One thing that always impresses me is how fast you are with updates—where do you get your information from? Is there a specific platform you rely on most heavily? What's your process?

KAY: Well, for me, I try my best not to get it from any other fansite or blog, I try to get it from a major source. My key for getting stuff quickly is just being resourceful. I have an app called FeedMinder, so I plug in as many RSS feeds as will be helpful to me. I have a Google RSS feed for Rihanna—you know, anything that’s connected to her, Facebook, Twitter. All that stuff is intertwined into my RSS feed.

KYRA: My process for fashion IDs is pretty different. Partially, it's just me knowing Rihanna, if that makes sense. When you follow a person for so long, you begin to pick up on what they like, what they don’t like, you know, speaking in general terms. So, with me finding her clothing, since I’ve been following her and liking her music and style since the beginning, I’ve picked up on designers she likes, and I’ve seen things that she’s wearing more often from certain designers, so from there I’m able to pick up on certain aesthetics, as far as design is concerned. So, if she’s wearing something, I'm like, "OK, this looks like Balmain today. This particular designer puts these patterns into their designs." So, through her I’ve gotten more familiar with and grown my knowledge of designers.

Another part is just knowing how to describe something and being able to pick up on the result when searching for it. Sometimes I'm just searching and searching to find what she has on, to describe it, to find out what it's made out of, find different details of it—it's really a hunt.

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MTV: Wow, that is so impressive! How much time do you guys dedicate to the site per day?

KAY: Hmm. That’s hard because we're a fansite. Any movement Rihanna makes, we need to follow. If it's 2 a.m. for us and it's some other time for her, we're still up at that hour. It's whenever something comes, we're on it.

KYRA: Yeah, the site is definitely my priority—when Rihanna is out and about doing stuff, changing multiple times per day, it's a full workload. It keeps us on our toes, we're able to post more, we're keeping our followers engaged. Though my social media is targeted towards her, it's also my personal account, so I don’t really have the time to be personable with my account like the next person would because I'm always posting things about her, so it’s better for me when she's actually doing things because I have things to talk about.

MTV: That's how I feel, too—lost without Rihanna. Here's hoping we get something major soon! Thank you so much for speaking with me and answering all of my Rihanna-related queries every day.

You can find all of Kay and Kyra's tireless work on Rihanna Overdose—enjoy!