Watch Brave Grandmothers Try Fireball Whisky For The First Time

"It kind of tastes like a medicine-type thing. Like a cinammon, hot medicine going down."

Grandma vs. Fireball Whisky -- who will win? ???

That's the question digital magazine Obsev answers in their original video "Watch Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For the First Time." They asked a bunch of grandmothers to talk about their party days, then gave them Fireball because why not?

First, the women share their favorite drinks: scotch and water, vodka martini, Zinfandel, vodka tonic, Malbec.

"I didn't bring my glasses," one grandma says when a giant bottle of Fireball is plopped in front of her.

Her drinking partner, another fellow grandmother, does have her glasses. "Ignite the night ... smooth whiskey with a fiery kick of red-hot cinnamon. Tastes like heaven, burns like hell," she reads from the label.

The women pour their (baby-sized) shots and sip (yes, sip) away.

"Impressive," says one, her eyes watering. Watch the full video below.

It's like Big Red cinnamon gum for adults, amiright? ??

H/T Cosmopolitan.com