Should Abram Have Spared Stephen From The 'Bloodlines' Pit To Help His Own Game?

His alliance was going well on 'Challenge' -- until Vince outed Cara Maria as an extra-relationship flirter.

While certain “Challenge” contestants will proudly sell their souls to make it to the game’s end, Abram has made it very clear his isn’t for sale.

On tonight’s “Bloodlines” episode, the guillotine finally came down on Cara Maria. Before her boyfriend Abram arrived to the game with his brother Mike, Cara Maria and Thomas had engaged in certain flirty acts (and maybe then some, if certain camera angles are to be believed…), but Abram was none the wiser. Determined to shake things up, Vince decided to clue Abram in to the potential infidelity, and when Cara admitted to delivering “massages and egg sandwiches” to Stephen -- but only out of guilt for previously voting him into The Pit -- Abram became incensed. And so, his campaign to get Thomas and Stephen out of the game began, exactly as Johnny intended. The alliance between Jamie and Cara, Stephen and Thomas, and Abram and Mike suddenly began to crumble.

“This has screwed up the entire game,” Stephen lamented. “Abram is gunning for Tom, and it puts Bananas back in the game. I hope you’re happy, because he is your biggest rival right now.”

And after yet another Team Red victory at “Hand Me Down,” Abram got exactly what he wanted -- his cousin Mike voted himself into The Pit to represent Team Blue, and Red voted Stephen into elimination as Mike’s “Home Wrecker” opponent.

Mike, who works in construction, destroyed a mock set with ease and sent Stephen home without breaking a sweat. Now, though, Mike and Abram have got an uphill battle ahead and have one fewer team in their corner.

What do you think: Should Abram have suppressed his personal feelings and spared Stephen and Thomas from The Pit to keep the numbers in his favor? Or did he make the right (and more honorable) choice by getting rid of the “Real World: Ex-Plosion” alum and his brother, even though it might come at the expense of his own “Challenge” spot? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the next episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!