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Watch Straight Men Ask Gay Men Questions About Dating And Sex

"How many butt holes have you seen?"

When I was 18, I had just recently come out to all of my friends, some of who are straight males. Once, while playing an all night "Smash Bros." game and drinking ... soda (yeah, that's it, soda...), my male friend turned to me and asked me "Are you the woman or the man when you have sex with a dude?"


I effectively knew what he was asking, but didn't know how to reply, so with Peach (my favorite character, natch) I destroyed his avatar Link, and changed the subject.

Luckily, straight people have evolved enough in the last decade or so to not ask questions so #uncool -- but that doesn't mean the curiosity is gone. And that's great!

With that, BuzzFeed has paired three straight men with three gay men to ask questions about being gay, including penis size, the feminine/masculine debate and bottoming vs. topping -- the very thing my friend was asking me about all those years ago.

Watch the full video below. (There's some NSFW language in there, just FYI.)