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They Don’t Want You To Watch Kim Kardashian And DJ Khaled’s Snapchat

Khaled may have just given Kim a major key ?.

DJ Khaled’s Snapchat account — which has inspired everyone from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris — featured an appearance from Kim Kardashian today (Jan. 5).

In the Snap, Khaled used his now famous "major ?" and "they don’t want you" slogans to give Kim props on her wardrobe and on Kimoji, among other things.

“Ayo, Kim, they don’t want you to wear the Saint Laurent fur,” he said in the clip. “They don’t want you to break the app store. They don’t want you to be the biggest boss in the game. So, what we gon’ do is we gon’ win more.”

Kim then re-shared a still from the clip on IG. "Should I? #SNAPCHAT" she said in the post.

DJ Khaled's Snaps have also reached other members of Kim's family. Earlier this week, the producer shared a vid featuring Kendall Jenner, who said she was "fan girling out" while in one of his clips.

But the Kardashians and Jenners aren't the only ones Khaled's reaching with his increasingly popular Snap stories. His vids have been called "absurd, inspirational, funny, excessive," and "soul-warming." Last month, The New York Times described Khaled's account as "a combination of inspirational talk, outrageous adventures and mundane minutiae of life, a mix that in recent weeks has become social media core curriculum."

The account's popularity has also become a major part of his Snaps. For example, he recently caused some commotion by posting an address to a talent agency where he was mobbed by a sea of fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of Khaled, as TMZ reported today. While being swarmed, Khaled took out his phone and Snapped away.