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Justin Bieber's Beachy Songwriting Sesh Will Make You 'Sorry' You Aren't There

Here's where he likes to make beautiful music.

Justin Bieber's surfside vacay spot might be a prime slice of winter-free paradise for him right now, but it's also yielding some major goods for the rest of the beliebing world, too.

No, not just an actual image of what he and Hailey Baldwin look like locking lips after a million (OK just seven, but still!) years of friendship -- although, yes, that is also a thing that happened [insert googley eyes emoji guy here].

It looks like JB's currently in the process of putting together some new tunes during his time off because he just cannot help himself what with the inspiring locale he's in and all. (Sorry not sorry takes on a new meaning with this one!)

Turns out, Justin's little family and "friends" trip to Anguilla and St. Barts has become a bit more productive than he might have expected because, as JB wrote to caption his ocean front jam sesh, it's given him the "best environment to write music other than right after a heartbreak."

Of course, let's not forget that for Justin there's more than one meaning to the term "nice scenery" when it comes to this place. Ahem, observe the next slide.

Oh, and don't worry kids. Justin is still definitely putting down the guitar for a run of fun here and there too. Like that time he shimmied his way up a palm tree because why the f--k not.

We're almost five full days into 2016, and JB has been owning each and every one of them so far with his great getaway 'gramming. And who knows? If he stays there long enough, maybe we'll get a new album this year too. Hey, never say never!