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15 Times Norman Reedus Was A Birthday Party Disguised As A Human Being

Who needs a birthday when they are a birthday?

On Wednesday, January 6, the Internet demigod known as Norman Reedus will turn 47 years old.

... Which is great and all, but when you're Norman "Daryl Dixon" Reedus, and you spend every second you're not filming "The Walking Dead" spreading joy and good fortune to the people around you, then you don't really need a birthday at all. Because you are the birthday.

Below, all of the times Normski was the best birthday party you've ever had, disguised as a human being:

  1. When he became BFFs with a little girl with alopecia.

    Norman and Ava's story is a sweet tale for the ages. Check it out here.

  2. When he livened up a photo shoot with a simple butt grab.

    Birthdays aren't complete without butt grabs, FYI. Norman clearly knows this.

  3. When he got tatted up with the whole squad.

    To a Norman fan, every convention is like 7349 birthdays in one.

  4. When he got bored with San Diego Comic-Con and chose to become a human T-shirt cannon.

    Panels are boring. T-shirt parties are not.

  5. When he posted... this... in honor of Andrew Lincoln's birthday.

    See? Norman gets the importance of being ridiculous on birthdays. (So do we, clearly.)

  6. When he was so cool, he made Lady Arya of House Stark remember how to have fun again.

    A girl can smile!

  7. When he was more than willing to give out a kiss.
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images
  8. ... Or two.
  9. Or some middle fingers, for that matter.

    Norman is never afraid to spread the love. Ever.

  10. When everyone thought he was dating Beth (AKA Emily Kinney) for a hot minute, and he had a typically adorable-slash-hilarious response.

    He's even adorable when he's shutting down shipper hopes and dreams. That's an accomplishment.

  11. When he chose to make licking people his thing.

    Spreading the love, one licked face at a time.

  12. When he blessed Planet Earth with his hugs.

    Norman is a notorious hugger, FYI.

  13. When he modeled for Prada in the '90s, and every trip to the NYC subway suddenly became worthwhile.

    Sorry, Dr. Zizmor. You only have the second best ad campaign of all time.

  14. When he made lives better by cuddling with his cat on camera.

    This is just too much.

  15. When he entered "The Walking Dead" Season 6 premiere at Madison Square Garden on a freaking motorcycle.
    Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AMC

    Happy birthday, Norman! You rode that motorcycle into our hearts a long time ago.