Would You Ignore The Five-Second Rule If You Were Guaranteed Cold Hard Cash?

'Broke A$$ Game Show' put a few New Yorkers to the (food) test.

Whether you're in the kitchen whipping up a dish or already indulging in a meal, it's inevitable that at some point you've dropped a bit of food on the floor and you're forced to contemplate the five-second rule (you know, the bit that says it's okay to eat the item because if it isn't on the ground for long, it's *supposedly* still safe to consume). But would your mind be swayed to devour it no questions asked -- if it meant that you could win some dough? And no, not talking about scoring some pastry or bread -- the green kind...

During tonight's hysterical "Broke A$$ Game Show," David Magidoff and Derek Gaines traveled to a New York boardwalk with a box of fresh pizza and asked people if they wanted to get paid for having a slice -- without charging them. While some were clearly confused (free grub but scoring some moolah?!), others seemed down for getting paid to nosh -- that is, until they realized that their cuisine was sitting on the beachy slats and they had to pick it up and chow down in order to get compensated.

"I'm not eating that!" one lady balked, as her friend kicked the flatbread. The poor, innocent (dirty) cheesy goodness...

So was anybody willing to participate -- besides a seagull? Watch the clip to find out, share in the comments if you abide by (or are against) the five-second rule and catch a new episode of "Broke A$$ Game Show" next Thursday at a new time of 11/10c!

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