Game On: It's Time To Create Your 'Greatest Party Story Ever'

You're make your very own personalized adventure.

Whether it's a house bash or a jaunt to your go-to spot, any scenario can turn into the greatest party story ever. And soon enough, MTV will be showcasing these unique tales from some fun-loving folks -- with some quirky and unique animation showcasing the actual laugh-out-loud events.

In honor of the premiere of "Greatest Party Story Ever" -- which will make its debut on January 14 -- the network is launching an entertaining interactive game that invites users to dictate their own wild and personalized escapades. There are multiple (humorous) possible scenarios (for starters, do you want to be inside or outside?) and it's up to you to decide where the evening goes -- twists and turns included.

Put on your dancing shoes, break out the festive decorations and get to clicking! Create your own epic tale here -- and be sure to check out the first episode of "Greatest Party Story Ever" on Thursday, January 14 at 10:30/9:30c!