5SOS Have Never Sounded Better Acoustic With This New Performance

'Hey Everybody' has become an unplugged staple for a good reason.

Despite some recent magazine-fueled controversy surrounding their image, 5 Seconds Of Summer put on a hell of a show. The band's dedication to going in on live performance has resulted in guitarist Michael Clifford being literally set on fire and tumbling offstage and has also yielded some absolutely killer live renditions.

"Hey Everybody!" is exactly the kind of explosive jam the foursome's latest album, Sounds Good Feels Good, is loaded with. The crazy thing? It sounds even better acoustically, a fact 5SOS keeps reinforcing with every new stripped-down performance they do.

Monday night on "Conan," they proved it once again.

Playing "Hey Everybody!" acoustically so frequently at first seems like an odd choice. It's got a chanted hook of "oh"s and a scorching loud chorus, so wouldn't a song like that work best electrified? You'd think so, but by turning the volume down on the guitars and keeping the drums in the background, the vocals can work their own natural magic.

Just watch the guys tear it up in the studio for Ryan Seacrest...

Or in the studio for Elvis Duran on New York's Z100...

Or in the studio for SiriusXM...

Or -- well, you get it. When 5SOS unplugs, they can really tap into their most fundamental talents and make jams sound good/feel good. Can we get a proper 5SOS "Unplugged" sometime in 2016?