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Quiz: Can You Match The Love Interest To The Disney Channel Original Movie?

See how well you remember the guys and girls who stole Zenon, Johnny Tsunami and more of your fave characters' hearts.

Chances are, there was a time when you could recite every single line from your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie (heck, maybe you still can). You knew every song from “High School Musical.” Every dance routine from “Gotta Kick It Up!” Every action sequence from “Jett Jackson: The Movie.”

But you were probably most invested in the characters themselves: the young guys and girls who fought skating bullies, clique stereotypes and military school to come out on top. But how well do you remember the love interests who captured your fave protagonists’ hearts? Say, the girl who fell for mer-man Cody in “The Thirteenth Year” or the guy whose boots Hilary Duff spit on in “Cadet Kelly?”

Take the quiz below to test your memory and re-familiarize yourself with your old TV pals: