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Stream Cozz's Nothin Personal Mixtape

The MC dropped his latest tape.

Dreamville’s Cozz unleashed Nothin Personal on Monday (Jan. 4), a follow-up to the MC’s 2014 album, Cozz & Effect.

A bulk of the project was produced by Meez with additional production courtesy of of D2, T. Lew and Mike Almighty.

Cozz's last effort received rave reviews from critics, not to mention J. Cole, who praised the project on "Note To Self" from 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

"Cozz, that Cozz & Effect is a motherf--kin' classic," he said on the track. "That sh-t is a classic, my n---a. Congratulations to you. We don't give a f--k what it sold. I don't even know what that sh-t sold to tell you the truth, man. And I'm proud of you, man. I'm proud of you and your homeboys. Y'all it's really gon' be great to watch y'all grow. I'm appreciatin' watchin' y'all grow more than we did! I get to relive it all again and actually appreciate it this time."

If you haven't peeped Cozz & Effect yet, you can stream it below and while you're at it, you can also bump Dreamville's Revenge Of The Dreamers II.