Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Tinashe Blasts 'Disrespectful' Leak Of Unreleased 'Secret'

The DJ Mustard-produced track popped up online over the weekend.

Tinashe's second LP, Joyride, is due out sometime this year, and we've already heard (and seen) how she's absolutely not messing around at all on first single "Player," a collab with Chris Brown.

But another song of hers is getting a bit of attention, too -- whether Tinashe wants the buzz or not. Over the weekend, an unofficial leak of her song "Secret," which DJ Mustard reportedly produced, popped up online. Mustard also worked on her 2014 breakout hit "2 On" and another unreleased track called "F--kin' Wit Me."

As she pointed out on Twitter, Tinashe is disappointed in the leak and said there's a reason the song didn't make the final cut for Joyride.

It's always a bummer when unfinished music ends up out there in the sonic sphere where millions of people can hear it and judge it for being, well, unfinished. It's especially sucky when it happens to an artist like Tinashe who, by her own admission, has "hundreds" of unreleased tunes stashed away from public consumption.

So, when can we actually expect Joyride? We still don't know (and neither does she). But we know "Secret" won't be on it -- and the songs that are on it will be all 100 percent Tinashe-approved.

Watch Tinashe prove her true "player" status with us at Dave & Buster's in New York below.