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Cara Delevingne Wears The Crown On The 'Valérian' Set

Bow down to your Laureline.

It seems like every movie Cara Delevingne is part of becomes storied with sick set squads, tattoo sessions, and a lot of sappy familial vibes, and it looks like "Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets" will be no exception.

Production on the Luc Besson-led sci-fi adaptation officially launched on Monday (Jan. 4), and Cara marked the occasion with a regal glimpse at the cast and crew gearing up to get started -- and of course she has already declared herself the qween.

In "Valérian," Cara stars as Laureline, a badass sci-fi heroine who has big brains and a lotta swagger going for herself. And from the second glimpse the model-turned-actress shared of her French comic book-based counterpart, it looks like there might be a small change in the cinematic iteration of the space-traveling agent: she's blonde instead of redhead.

(Considering Cara's there and her hair's still got a golden hue, it seems pretty serious that might be one character trait that doesn't make the cut.)

In either case, Cara and co-star Dane DeHaan -- who'll portray the titular Valérian, her partner -- have been prepping with the writer-director for this film for weeks, but it's still a long road ahead to make "A Thousand Planets" come to life.

According to Besson, whose last film "Lucy" also showcased another powerful woman in the lead, the film will shoot for 115 days with 420 crew members on board.

But of all the other people involved with "Valérian," Cara's gotta be especially stoked about the fact that her IRL party pal Rihanna will also star in the pic (in an as-yet-unnamed but supposedly "big" part) because now they get to take their relationship to the next level: outerspace!