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While You Wait (Eternally) For Jay Electronica's Album, Here's A Rare Mixtape From 2000

The project just surfaced.

Waiting for new Jay Electronica music is no longer an active pursuit. It's happening, constantly, but without thinking. It's like we're on autopilot or something. The releases are so few and far between that active anticipation just isn't viable -- like it is for, say, Drake's Views from the 6 -- as much as there's just a well of hope resting calmly in the back of our minds.

But to start the new year we have a little something to chew on, even if it's not quite new music. Thanks to a user on Reddit, as pointed out by 2DopeBoyz, a mixtape called The Awakening, reportedly released by Jay Elec back in 2000 (under the name Je'Ri), has hit the 'net.

As 2DBZ also mentioned, this younger version of Jay Elec sounds a lot like Nas, both in the sound of his voice and flow, and the Trackmasters-style production -- though that's maybe not all that surprising given the year and Esco's status at the time.

Check it out below.