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Gigi Hadid Borrows Zayn Malik's Shirt, Leaves Him Totally Shirtless

Thank you, Gigi. Thank you.

On Saturday (Jan. 2), Gigi Hadid shared a photo of a shirtless man holding a cat on Instagram. While the dude's face is out of frame, any One Direction fan could tell you it's Zayn Malik—those tattoos, hello.

Though this isn't the first time Zayn and Gigi have shared their rumored relationship in all its black-and-white glory, it is the first time Zayn's shirt has been missing. After launching an investigation to unearth where his shirt—or at least one of them—dissapeared to, I can report back that it's in safe hands—Gigi's hands, to be exact.

On Twitter, Gigi shared two Facetime selfies. Though it's easy to get distracted by the fact that, um, she looks like that at one of the most unflattering angles known to mankind, please direct your attention to the logo on her shirt. Oh, you don't immediately recognize it? Well, it's the logo for the Bradford City Bantams, aka Zayn's fave team.

Though Gigi seemed perfectly content with the shirt—despite the fact that neither of her Facetime calls was answered—the football club offered her a new shirt via Twitter.

Then, Zayn joined the conversation, seemingly to confirm that the shirt is, in fact, his.

Good thing, too, because he also got a new shirt out of the exchange.

Here's hoping we get photos of the two wearing matching shirts soon—while they've coordinated outfits in the past, straight-up matching would be next level.