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11 Reasons We Wish Bonnie Bennett Had Gotten Her Hogwarts Letter

You know she and Hermione would have been besties.

Bonnie Bennett's (Kat Graham) transition into witchery on "The Vampire Diaries" hasn't always been the smoothest. Quite the opposite, really.

Most of the time, we want to give our Bon-Bon a great big hug. Not only does Mystic Falls' most badass witch usually get strapped with all of the magical fix-its when her friends screw things up, but she never even got proper training to help perform all of the spells she is so often called upon to do. Basically, Bonnie should have gotten her Hogwarts letter and started with the "Harry Potter" gang ages ago.

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Here are 11 reasons we wish Bonnie Bennett had gone to Hogwarts...

  1. First of all, Kat Graham loves her some HP.

    So she probably would have been cool with the deal.

  2. And you know Bonnie would have been a Gryffindor.
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  3. She could have started learning spells from age 11.
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    Which would have given her a head start on the supernatural shenanigans that would descend on Mystic Falls once again a few years later.

  4. And she would have been taught that she is more than her magic.

    It's no secret that Bonnie's pal often take her magic — or the fact that she will use it to help them — for granted. Bonnie is more than her magic. Perhaps being in a magical community like Hogwarts would have helped her learn that earlier in life.

  5. Professor McGonagall could have been her mentor.
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    Sure, Grams was a dream, but she didn't make it out of the first season and was followed by some terrible teachers. Remember that manipulative bozo Professor Shane? That guy was THE WORST. Bonnie could have used the magical guidance of the Hogwarts faculty — especially cat lady/professional badass Professor McGonagall.

  6. She and Hermione could have been besties.
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    Hermione and Bonnie would have gotten along swimmingly. Both are righteous, clever, loyal witches with strong moral centers. Best friends forever? Probably.

  7. And she could have gone to Lupin for Tyler's werewolf troubles.
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    Maybe Snape could have brewed up some of that Wolfsbane Potion for our boy Tyler?

  8. S.P.E.W. might have had another member who actually wanted to be there.

    Bonnie would have been a great addition to the leadership of this organization. With a reluctant Harry as Secretary and a reluctant Ron as treasurer, the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare didn't exactly have much enthusiasm past Hermione. We have a feeling Bonnie would have been on board.

  9. She could have used Rictusempra — aka the tickling charm — on Klaus.
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    Maybe if Klaus giggled some more he wouldn't be such a jerk all of the time?

  10. And you KNOW Mobilicorpus would have come in hella handy.

    (Spell used to move corpses.)

  11. And maybe Finite Incantem might help with The Elena Situation?
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    Hey, has anyone tried this spell that negates the effects of other spells on Sleeping Beauty? Asking for a friend.