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Hey Guys, Is This A Bear Or A Dog?

Whatever it is, we want one.

Sometimes the internet gifts us all a kitten, puppy or forest creature whose adorableness we cannot handle. Usually, one can tell what species this animal is, but as you'll see below, that's not always the case.

Reddit user TheRedFoxx posted an image titled, "Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care" and it's legitimately confusing as to whether it's a dog or a bear.

The animal, allegedly named "Bounce" by their owner, is so cute that it's hard to tell if it's actually real or if it's an incredibly lifelike stuffed animal.

Take a look:

(You, right now: ??❓)

Some people on Reddit were confounded and some claimed they knew it was a dog and also knew the breed. One user said, "I have a Pomeranian/Terrier mix and he looks like bear as well," but a quick search shows that Bounce definitely isn't that.

Another user mentions that one year ago, a man in China raised two puppies for years -- only to find out that they were bears when they grew up. Eek. So, will Bounce turn out to be less Scooby Doo and more Winnie the Pooh when it's full-grown?

Real talk, though: Lil' Bounce was bought into doggie day care and the police weren't called, so it's probably a dog. But still, no one knows what kind of dog looks like this, so the jury is still out. #ShowMeTheReciepts

What do you think?

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