Say Goodbye To 'On Fleek,' 'Basic' And 'Squad' In 2016 And Learn These 10 Words Instead

Study up.

Along with clip-in man buns and glitter roots, some trends are just better left to die in 2015 -- including some very overused, cringeworthy, please-stop-saying-these vocab words.

Sorry guys, but it's time to retire some of your fave terms (I'm looking at you "on fleek," "preach" and "squad") and instead, familiarize yourselves with some ~new slang~. Check out 10 words you should know in 2016 below, and remember, if you're questioning whether or not you're using the term correctly, just don't.

  1. Lit

    What it means: Refers to something that is pretty effing amazing.

    For example:

    Me: "Did you seen 1D perform on 'SNL'?"

    Friend: "Yeah, that set was lit."

  2. Trash
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: Indicates something or someone is terrible, similar to "garbage." ("Today smells like warm garbage.") Basically, anything that's worthy of being thrown out.

    For example:

    *Sees the L train is down for the 294th time this week*

    *Turns to friend*

    Me: "The L train is trash."

  3. Cancel(led)
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: To reject a person, place or thing.

    For example:

    Me: "Should I swipe right? One of his 'interests' is Nickelback."

    Friend: "CANCEL."

  4. Drag
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: To metaphorically rake someone through the coals or rather, burn them.

    For example:

    Me: "My roommate used up the last roll of toilet paper and hasn't replaced it in three days."

    Friend 2: "DRAG HER TO THE GROUND."

  5. Fam
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: Fam is singular and is short for "family." Your squad is your group of friends, but your "fam" is directed towards one individual.

    For example:

    Text from friend: "When are you free?"

    Me: "idk fam but I'm missing squad."

  6. Woke
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: Being aware -- specifically in reference to current events and cultural issues.

    For example:

    Person: "I don't think women are 'better' than men, so therefore I wouldn't consider myself a feminist."

    Me: "You need to read some Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Or listen to some Beyoncé. Stay woke, dude."

  7. Keep it
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: To approve of something or someone.

    For example:

    Me: "What do you think of my new Twitter avi?"

    Friend: "Keep it."

  8. High-key/Low-key
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: High-key refers to something needing to be said out loud. Low-key is the opposite. Both can refer to an intense like/dislike.

    For example:

    "High-key don't wanna move from the couch today. Or ever."


    "I'm just low-key in love with him, OK?"

    Here are both used in the same sentence:

    "Low-key need to go to the gym; high-key want Taco Bell."

  9. Live
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: Refers to something as being cool/exciting/fun; can also be interpreted as extreme/intense.

    For example:

    "That bio lab was way live."


    "Prof. Styles was way too live in bio lab today."

  10. Savage
    Steffi Tsai/MTV News

    What it means: Hard-core/badass.

    For example:

    Friend: I ate an entire tube of cookie dough while watching one "Making a Murderer" episode.

    Me: That's just savage.

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