Elgin Ozlen / YouTube

This Gross-As-Hell NYC Hotel Room Takes Going Viral Pretty Literally

Get ready to gasp!

In MTV's own 1996 seminal hit "Joe's Apartment," Jerry O'Connel's Joe navigates his life while living with a literal colony of creepy crawly roaches. Joe's squatting tenants actually help him live his life to the fullest, but in real life, bugs crawling around you while you sleep is no joke.

Get your ? and ? faces ready for this. According to Californian Elgin Ozlen, his and his unnamed girlfriend's stay at Astor on the Park Hotel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan featured no electricity in one room, no heat in another and the worst part: hundreds of bed bugs in the third.

"It looked like black mud was jammed into the seam of the bed," Elgin Ozlen told NY Daily News. "I lost it. They looked like they could hurt horses. It was a colony, a breeding ground."

A video Ozlen uploaded to YouTube on Friday, Jan. 1 -- which is also his birthday, poor guy -- went immediately viral, garnering more than 970,000 views in three days.

Take a look at the horror below. (PS: the pièce de résistance that is the bed bug reveal comes two minutes in.)

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