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'Pretty Little Liars': A Guide To The New Characters You Definitely Can't Trust

For one, they're breaking up your fave couples, and that is NOT ok.

Each new season of "Pretty Little Liars" brings a flurry of very attractive, albeit enigmatic new faces to Rosewood. And the second half of Season 6, which premieres on Tuesday, January 12, is no different.

In Season 6B, "Pretty Little Liars" will introduce a group of newbies so good-looking they look like they just jumped out of an American Eagle catalogue. That's all well and good (read: very, very good), but let's not forget that most of these fresh faces are also threatening to sink our favorite 'ships, which immediately places them on our "Do Not Trust" list.

In fact, in Rosewood, everyone is an Uber A suspect until proven otherwise. Here are the new characters you definitely can't trust (yet) on "PLL" this season:

  • Dr. Elliot Rollins
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    This season on "PLL," we'll finally be able to put a face to a name we've heard oh-so-much about. When we first meet Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins) in the midseason premiere, he's a psychologist working with Charlotte. Along with Ali, he advocates for her early release from Welby State Psychiatric Hospital.

    Ali and the good Dr. begin an inappropriate relationship that they have to keep on the DL (that’s not a first for Ali). But their secret relationship eventually goes public, because let’s not forget that the flash forward we saw at the end of the Season 6A finale featured Ali writing the name "Mrs. Rollins" on the chalk board. Now, per creator Marlene King, that flash forward may not take place in the current timeline until Season 7, so let's just say that this season is only the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Rollins' happily ever after.

  • Liam Greene
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    Every season needs a nice guy that gets his heart quashed by Aria -- and this season, his name is Liam (Roberto Aguire). He lives and works in Boston as an editorial assistant at a publishing firm. Yes, the same publishing firm as Aria. Ugh. Aria! Everyone knows that work relationships are the worst. And to make things even more complicated, Liam is working with (alcoholic) Ezra on his second novel. Ughhh.

    Though we've been privy to the Liars' love lives over the past six seasons, "PLL" has never been a show explicitly about relationship drama. Given that love triangles are TV's favorite romantic trope, we'd hate to see "PLL" go down this road in its final stretch. (Don't even get us started on those Caleb/Spencer rumors.)

    Aguire describes his character as a "really nice guy that has a very positive outlook on life." So, we're going to feel really bad when Aria breaks his heart. Sorry, buddy.

  • Jordan
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    We've already discussed (at length) Hanna's fiancé Jordan (David Coussins) and his rather off-putting style, but what else do we know about the guy?

    Hanna and Jordan met in Europe when Hanna was on a business trip with her fashion designer boss (think of her as the Anna Wintour of "PLL"). Despite his posh style, Jordan is actually a down-to-earth kinda guy with plenty of sophistication and swagger. But obviously homeboy is hiding something. We know we shouldn't automatically assume Hanna's fiancé is a bad guy, but have you ever met a nice guy who wears boat shoes on the reg? We didn't think so.

  • Yvonne

    The only thing we know about Toby's mystery woman Yvonne Phillips (Kara Royster) is that she's a "very important part of his life." Oh, and that she's about to cause major trouble for the Liars.

    It's not that we don't want to see Toby happy. We do. He honestly deserves it, and it seemed like he was headed in that direction last season. After receiving a large insurance settlement from the Cavanaugh home explosion that was set off by A, Toby bought three acres outside of Rosewood and pulled a "Notebook": he built his dream house. But his life was turned upside-down when he saved Yvonne, a local politician's daughter, from a burglary. And frankly, we don't trust Yvonne. (We can blame "PLL" for all of these trust issues.)

    She's been described as "smart, sleek and classy," and tbh, that sounds like someone else we know... AKA SPENCER HASTINGS. Clearly, Spencer and Yvonne are destined for a few run-ins in Rosewood.