Eating Crow: These Cocky 'Challenge' Competitors Celebrated Way Too Soon

Dario and Raphy's 'Bloodlines' flub isn't the show's first ultra-embarrassing moment.

Sometimes on “The Challenge,” humility really is just an eight-letter word.

On last week’s “Bloodlines” episode, the game’s veterans got their wish when Team Blue’s Raphy and Mitch were both sentenced to The Pit in an effort to break up the rookie alliance. And “My Way Or The Highway,” a glorified game of tug-of-war, seemed tailor-made for Raphy, who outweighed his opponent significantly. It was his game to lose.

Unfortunately for Raphy and his brother Dario, that’s precisely what he did.

In the excitement of the game’s final moments, when it seemed as if Raphy had the elimination game in the bag, Dario began to celebrate, signaling to Raphy that he had won. But a winner hadn’t actually been named, and Mitch, who saw an opening to capitalize on the confusion, dug in his heels, yanked Raphy over the line (officially, this time) and sent the “Are You The One?” cast member packing.

“I’ve never seen a bigger bonehead blunder ever,” Johnny Bananas observed from the sidelines.

Embarrassing? Yes, but Raphy’s definitely not the first Challenger to celebrate too soon. Look back at competitors who were forced to eat humble pie after premature victory laps, and catch an all-new “Bloodlines” episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!

  1. CT vs. Brad (“The Duel”)

    In the game’s final male elimination round, CT came out swinging and immediately put Brad at a deficit. Within seconds, he’d reached the winner’s flag in “Push Me” and ripped it free from a clip. Sadly for CT, the rules clearly stated that the clip itself had to be undone for a winner to be named, and CT was DQ’d, giving Brad the last spot in the final mission by default.

  2. Veterans vs. Rookies (“The Gauntlet III”)

    For the majority of Season 15, the game’s Veterans dominated, and the final mission proved to be no exception: Team Red blew the Rookies out of the water. Alas, they blew the Rookies out of the water without Eric, who was forced to quit the event halfway through due to exhaustion. TJ, who’d explained in the rules that a victorious team had to finish together, was forced to DQ the Vets and gave the final grand prize to Team Blue instead.

  3. Timmy vs. Abram (“Inferno 3”)

    Timmy was the first to point out that he was a little long in the tooth for a “Challenge” competitor, but that didn’t stop him from annihilating Abram in “Smash House” and victoriously falling from the Inferno game amid a shower of broken glass. Regrettably, Timmy had accidentally left one of the match’s panels unbroken and had to settle for a loss in his final appearance on the show.

  4. Landon and Carley vs. Evelyn and Luke (“Fresh Meat 2”)

    It seemed like all hope was lost for eventual “Fresh Meat 2” winners Landon and Carley when their Exile opponents, Evelyn and Luke, crossed the finish line first. Luckily for Landon and Carley, they’d completed a puzzle along the way that cut five minutes off of their final time (Evelyn and Luke had left it undone), which proved to be enough to pull out the rug from underneath the ultra-confident Ev.

  5. Trey and Zach vs. Leroy and Ty (“Rivals II”)

    The sight of Zach hurling his helmet at Frank after winning “Breaking on Through” is a moment “Challenge” fans won’t forget, but one that was ultimately executed in vain. After pounding his chest in celebration, Zach was forced to eat crow when TJ pointed out that Zach and his partner Trey had completed the elimination round in the incorrect order. Leroy and Ty, by default, were named the match’s winners.