Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin: A Timeline To Their Kiss

From 2009's first meeting to 2016's New Year's kiss.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin caught our attention first thing in 2016 by kissing on vacation. For some, it was a little hard to take, since it seems like just yesterday when Justin was pining over ex Selena Gomez in interviews and serenading her in hotel bars.

But Hailey isn't just some fling. The two friends met in 2009 and, in the past two years, have rolled their friendship into something more tasty.

I decided to walk you through their relationship by documenting a few key moments in the Baldwin/Bieber timeline.

Of course, I didn't compile every. single. moment between Justin and Hailey -- because I like my sanity and I have already spent enough company time going through Bieber's Instagram in the first place -- but hopefully, this list will help you understand the blooming relationship that is #Jailey: