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Watching This Kid Eat Watermelon Is Way More Entertaining Than It Sounds

#WatermelonBoy is the first viral sensation of 2016.

How do you normally eat watermelon? Do you cut it up like a cantaloupe and eat it in small bites? That's how most people eat the tasty summertime fruit, but one little boy is changing the game for watermelon fans everywhere.

During a game of cricket in Melbourne, Australia on Jan. 2, 10-year-old Mitchell Schibeci — dubbed #WatermelonBoy on Twitter — is seen eating an entire watermelon, rind and all. He puts his whole face into it, like you would eat an apple, and it's definitely one of the most bizarre things to happen in 2016 so far. (Of course, we're only four days in, but still.)

He was caught on camera, and the announcers mention how at least he's eating something healthy. "I supposed we're all looking in the new year, and we've all got kids, we're all wanting them to eat more healthy. You couldn't ask really more than this."

According to The Courier Mail, Schibeci said watermelon is "100% edible," and he "usually just eat[s] it in slices but [he] had seen people eat the whole thing before," and gave it a go.

It's safe to say this would be all of us if we ate a whole watermelon on live TV. Congrats on being the first viral sensation of 2016, Watermelon Boy Mitchell! ?