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Coldplay Hang Out Behind Real-Life Instagram Filters In New 'Birds' Video

Also pictured: several actual birds.

Coldplay's seventh album, A Head Full Of Dreams, dropped at the beginning of December, and they've spent a large portion of the press cycle for the album dancing with gorillas in the jungle. Well, kind of. That was the premise for the lead single ("Adventure Of A Lifetime") music video, and they were also joined onstage by large apes at the American Music Awards.

But it's a new year, which means the band has likely left the primates behind...for now.

On Saturday (Jan. 2), Coldplay debuted a new music video for "Birds," a sparkly cut from A Head Full Of Dreams, and the video is appropriately sparkly as well. Half-kaleidoscope trip and half-road montage, the video for "Birds" cuts from scene to scene as the band roams around behind cool visual filters -- like IRL Instagram vids.

Seeing as how the band was just named the halftime act at next month's Super Bowl 50, I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are actual birds involved -- or if the apes come back for a big blow-out. How else could you possibly top #LeftShark2015?