Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian's First Outfit Of 2016 Is Comfier Than Leggings

We're definitely into it.

Kim Kardashian vowed to make her digital presence more proactive in 2016, and already she's making good on that promise.

Kim, who toasted the New Year with her sister Kourtney and some pals last night, decided to share her idea of the perfect New Year's Day fashion choice: pajamas.

On her website, Kim blogged about how "lounging around at home in pajamas" is a heavenly tradition -- which is totally a FACT, pardon the pun.

"New Year's Day is the perfect opportunity to take it easy and just relax in bed! I'm a big fan of matching pajama sets ... or a onesie for a cute look that's all about comfort," she wrote. We couldn't agree more.

And while Kim's brand-specific suggestions for comfywear might be a little bit pricey, the sentiment is still solid (and even better, quite attainable) here. Not to mention, she's just made us feel ever so fashion forward because we've been on the jammie train for ages. Win!

Lately, Kim's been trending in the direction of snuggly chic rather often, and we can't get enough of it. She even wore a hooded sweatshirt last night to watch the ball drop with the girls.

Lesson: It's out with the activewear and in with the sleep gear in 2016, per Kim. Prepare yourself accordingly.