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The 7 Stages Of Being Lena Dunham On New Year's Eve

This girl closed out 2015 in wild style.

It's perfectly normal to lose some sense of chill during a raging New Year's Eve party, but Lena Dunham may have had a little bit too much fun during her celebratory shindig this year.

All night, Dunham was live-Instagramming her ball drop-centric bash, and while she started out being at the top of her game, she ended up literally on the floor (with no pants on and smothered in confetti, no less) before the night was done. And it was kinda glorious.

Let's review the buckets of fun that was Lena Dunham at her NYE bash.

  1. She started out the night being at peak levels of fleek.

    She captioned this one, "Ya girl trying to bring the NYE Thunder despite being 87 years old inside. Please note: a fully conceptualized hairstyle and a longing glance directed at my own armpit." Thunder was BROUGHTen.

  2. And everything was relatively tame at first because, well, her mom was there with her.

    Can't get too cray with the parental units lingering around, right?

  3. But then she started making out with her fellow party people.

    According to her caption, this is what happens "every year at midnight."

  4. And she and fiancé Jack Antonoff shared a sweet moment where he looks amused, and she just looked confused.

    She tapped out a touching tribute to her main man, writing, "so much joy to you and yours! thank you for making 2015 a pleasure, insta-friends! lucky to spend my fourth NYE with this old man."

  5. That's when the friend-love vibes started really flowing.

    These are apparently the best friends on "the earthly plane." Noted.

  6. Eventually, she found herself face down on the floor swimming in confetti in her undies and, well, this picture speaks for itself.

    As Lena recalled, "super sad local news story: girl dies of shock after a confetti cannon erupts several feet away. underwear out. no one mourns." Pure excellence.

  7. Somewhere along the way someone saw the wardrobe potential here and got frisky, but Lena didn't seem to mind because the wind had all her sheets by then.

    ??? Way to ring in the New Year, Lena.