Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

People On Twitter Are Confusing NYE With Bill Nye

? Bill Nye the science guy ?

It's Thursday, Dec. 31 -- the last day of 2015 -- and people across the globe are reflecting on the last 365 days. On Twitter, hashtags like #NYE2016, #BestMemoriesOf2015 and #PeopleWhoMadeMyYear are trending. Everyone's wishing each other a happy New Year's Eve, so the acronym NYE is fairly common in all corners of the internet.

The NYE abbreviation is working out quite well for one science pro many people know and love: Bill Nye, the science guy. Thanks to movie days in sixth grade -- Seriously, why don't they have those in college?! -- twentysomethings are far too familiar with the intro song for Bill Nye's educational videos. They're so familiar with the tune that seeing NYE pop up on their newsfeeds is a bit confusing at first...

Bill Nye himself will be hanging out in Times Square for this NYE. He'll be hosting the countdown to midnight at precisely 8:58 p.m. EST.

Here he is, getting ready for the big night:

Have a great (and safe) unofficial Bill Nye holiday, everyone!