Kendrick Lamar Confronts His Demons In 'God Is Gangsta' Joint Video

The Little Homies are back with videos for 'u' and 'For Sale?'

Kendrick Lamar isn't done with 2015. He released "God Is Gangsta," a joint video for To Pimp A Butterfly tracks "u" and "For Sale?" on Thursday (Dec. 31).

The video is co-directed by The Little Homies -- made up of Kendrick and Dave Free -- along with Jack Begert for "u" and PANAMÆRA for "For Sale?" It follows up the Grammy- and VMA-nominated "Alright," also co-directed by The Little Homies.

The first half of the video has Kendrick confronting his demons, nearly convulsing over his possession as he drinks alone. The second half, shot in Paris, puts him in a club, apathetically interacting with topless models before he baptizes himself.

Watch "God Is Gangsta" below: