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All Your Stuff Belongs To Negan In The New 'Walking Dead' Trailer

The Big Bad gets a namedrop in this midseason premiere teaser.

What's in store for the Rick Grimes gang when "The Walking Dead" returns in February? Based on the newly-released trailer for the midseason premiere, it looks like the answer is nothing good.

While Rick has a whispered epiphany about the actual greatness of Alexandria ("I thought living behind these walls wasn't possible. I was wrong."), we cut to a revisit of that post-credits scene from the mid-season finale, in which Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are waylaid on the road back to Alexandria by that gang of greasy dudes from the woods, a.k.a. the Saviors.

And while there's no sign of this season's Big Bad, he gets a prominent namedrop right off the bat.

"Your property now belongs to Negan," says Greasy Woods Dude #1, which probably means that Abraham is gonna have to give up that sweet military jacket he's wearing, among other indignities.

Meanwhile, Sam's insistent chirping of "Mom!" at the end of the last episode seems to have the expected result, as we see Rick and Michonne in single combat with a whole lot of zombies, including this super-ugly one.


Also, there's a lot of screaming, which is never a good sign. Watch the trailer below: